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Marriage services:

Al Falah centre can conduct Islamic marriage contracts and officially Registered Marriage centre by Cardiff city council registered office. Al- Falah Centre, 58 Caerau Lane, Ely, Cardiff. Worship No: 85007 – Marriage No: 45400. You can get both certificate Is-lamic and state certificate if solemnized marriage in Al- Falah centre. We have granted permission for both place of Worship and Marriage on 24th December 2020. The official Marriage register are Imam Farid Ahmed Khan, Chaplain University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff, and Chairman Al-Falah centre. Please contact the Imam Farid Ah-med Khan on mob: 07813819117 or Email: to arrange a suita-ble date and time for the ceremony. Both bride and groom should present.

Both parties should bring a proof of identity. i.e. passport, driving license. It is our policy not to provide the Nikah (Islamic Contract) without proof of ID.


There is a charge for performing an Islamic marriage contract at the mosque, adding travel expenses if performed outside the mosque.

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Please note: You will need to upload required documents for Nikah services.

Nikah is a joyous event and the only way for a man and woman to marry under Islamic law. According to Muslim scholars, Nikah should be announced in public so that people are aware of it.

The best way of doing so is to perform Nikah in a mosque. Al Falah centre provides Nikah services for Muslims of Cardiff to get legally wed. We require two Muslim male witnesses for the groom and a guardian or wali for the bride to carry out nikah.

All the details of Nikah, including Mahr, will be recorded in the marriage certificate. After completion of the Nikah ceremony, Imam Farid Khan will give one copy of the marriage cer-tificate to the couple and keep one copy itself for the record. Please remember that we do not carry out online/phone Nikah.

If you would like Al Falah centre to officiate your Nikah, then please contact us without ado.